Pablo Snus nicotine pouches for experienced users. Power and intense taste of menthol in a great packaging.

The pouches are of good quality, pure white and without tobacco. Pablo nicotine pouches are one of the strongest on the market, so they are also so popular.

pablo snus

Another bestseller from NGP Empire. Pablo snus is a 100% tobacco-free alternative with an extremely high nicotine content. It is not something we recommend for the ones new to Swedish snus and nicotine pouches. The nicotine content is as high as 30 mg/g which is one of the strongest nicopods you will find in our online snus shop. Pablo is marketed as a good alternative for the ones wanting to change your smoking habits or stop smoking altogether. NGP Empire also manufactures the bestseller Killapods, which is a weaker version when it comes to nicotine content. Killa nicotine pouches contain 16 mg of nicotine per gram of pouch. A favorite in most snus shops and perhaps the best-selling nicotine product in both the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Why Pablo nicotine pouches?

  1. Danger strong! pablo snus nicopods gives you a proper dose of nicotine which is something many experienced snus users appreciate. The power is four times as high as a traditional tobacco pouch and twice as strong as a Killapod.
  2. Comfort and fit! NGP Empire has focused on making comfortable nicotine pouches and this is something you notice when you put in a Pablo pouch. The feeling is discreet and soft, which enhances the whole snus experience.
  3. Design! The cans have a really nice motif with a cartoon face of the mafia boss Pablo Escobar. Pablo is surrounded by details such as weapons and money, which gives a feeling that this nicopod is for the really tough snus user. The contents reflect the box's design well with extremely strong nicotine pouches of the highest quality. A slogan has also been developed for Pablo in the form of Danger strong. It testifies a bit what you must expect if you dare to test a Pablo.

All Pablo flavors have the same nicotine level, so they also have the same slim format for the pouches. This means that comfort is high, the buzz is maximized, and the quality is consistent. The nicopod sits comfortably under the lip and both taste and nicotine are absorbed as soon as you place a pouch under the lip. One box contains 20 pouches and is available in three different flavors.

Pablo Ice Cold - A Super Strong nicopod from NGP Empire that has an icy taste of mint. Here you get 20 nicotine pouches that are maxed out in terms of both intensity and strength, the nicotine content is at an extreme 30 mg/g. A bestseller in every snus shop throughout Europe. Countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany consume huge amounts of Pablo Ice Cold.

Pablo X-Ice Cold - Imagine the intensity, strength and icy cold of Pablo Ice Cold. Add flavors of tobacco on top of that and you have a description of Pablo X-Ice Cold. Despite the tobacco taste, the product is 100% tobacco free and is therefore considered a good alternative for people who want to quit smoking. A smoke-free and tobacco-free alternative for you who want to direct your nicotine usage to a product that is less harmful to both you and your surroundings.

Pablo Red - Another Pablo mint favorite. Here you get a little softer mint flavor in the form of spearmint. The strength is the same as the other Pablo snus, but the experience is a bit milder as the spearmint taste is not as intense of menthol as you find in Ice Cold and X-Ice Cold.

But just because the intensity is lower, Pablo is not something we recommend for beginners when it comes to nicotine use. These are extremely strong nicotine pouches and if you are new to using nicopods, I suggest you start with another brand in our Snus shop. You will find varieties such as LYFT Freeze, LYFT Ice Cool, Siberia Chewing Bags and much more. Why not have a tasting of ZYN flavors?

Pablo snus is one of the strongest tobacco-free products you will find with us at Snusdaddy. It is also one of the absolute strongest products on the market, including Swedish snus. A pouch Pablo weighs 0.8 grams, and you will find 20 pouches in a box.

Why buy Pablo in an online Snus shop?

I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully learned something new about Pablo nicotine pouches. Just in case, we will make a short recap. One can of Pablo contains 20 pouches with a nicotine content of 30 mg/g. The content is 100% tobacco free, and you will find 3 fresh flavors of Pablo. It is entirely up to you how long you enjoy a pouch, but we recommend 15-30 minutes for maximum effect of the nicotine and optimized taste experience. Pablo nicopods were initially developed as a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. This is to save both the smoker and its surroundings from all the negative effects that cigarettes have. If you are missing something in our snus shop, you are always welcome to contact us.